RQSI has packaged 35+ years creating systematic alternative trading strategies into an intelligent platform that allows investors to utilize all of our robust and diversified alpha sources on a completely transparent basis to create customized return streams that take into account their existing portfolio and investment constraints.

The typical alternative investment exists in a vacuum and is so busy scrounging around for excess returns, it gives no thought to how its return stream will affect the rest of the investor’s portfolio. We understand the behavioral effects that produce lasting excess returns and created qubit to give investors customizable access to these excess returns, while simultaneously considering how the rest of the investor’s portfolio will be impacted so that α and β happen where they need to.

qubit is an innovative rethinking of alternative investing; if you and your investment team want to start making more deliberate alternative allocations, click the link below.

qubit is an intelligent investment platform that offers
a new way to approach alternative investing.
  • product types

    The purpose of qubit is to offer RQSI’s value-add components to investors customizably. Because of this customizability, if we wanted to sit down and count how many SKU’s qubit offers, we’d run out of numbers. With that said, the universe of conceivable qubit products can generally be classified into two groups:

    Traditional Substitute
    Notionalized Traditional
    qubit SOCIO
    Custom Solutions
    Total Return Alpha
    Portfolio Insurance
  • custom solutions

    We have created several portfolios with institutional investors in mind – qubit Custom Solutions. Each product is in some way an offshoot of our GAA program and can satisfy a specific purpose in the context of an overall portfolio. Click a point on the scatter plot for the product tear sheet.